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When your Android phone is having issues with cellular network, you need to follow a few steps to fix the issue. These methods include restarting the phone and contacting your carrier. In addition, you should check whether your carrier is performing system maintenance. If these methods don’t work, there are some other things you can try to resolve the issue.

Restarting your Android phone fixes cellular network not available for voice calls

Cellular network not available for voice calls is a common problem on Android phones. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including poor signal strength or a faulty SIM card. Sometimes, network towers or jammers are the cause. However, there are a few easy fixes that will restore your phone’s service to normal.

The first step in resolving the problem is to turn off your mobile data. While this option can be helpful, switching airplane mode is more effective. To do this, go to Settings> Network & internet. Then, tap the Restart button. Once the device is restarted, it should appear with a new error message.

Another problem that can cause this error is a faulty battery. If you use your phone constantly for a long time, it can cause your phone to generate a lot of heat and could damage the battery. To solve this issue, you can either remove the battery or leave it charging overnight. Restarting your phone may also resolve other issues, such as memory leaks, and other problems.

Another simple yet effective solution to resolve the cellular network not available for voice calls on Android is to reset the settings of the phone. This will not erase any of your data, but will remove all APN settings and WiFi passwords. The only downside is that this method is only effective on certain models of Android.

If all else fails, try updating your phone’s firmware. You can do this in the settings menu by searching for the “About Phone” option. Once your phone has updated its firmware, it should be able to connect to the network. You can also try reseting the network settings by changing the preferred network to RUIM/SIM/NV.

If none of these options works, try a few simple fixes. First, try restarting your phone. If you can’t access your data on your phone, the restart will reset your device’s memory to a fresh state. After this, try changing radio signal settings.

Another simple fix for cellular network not available for voice calls is to update your phone’s operating system. Often, updates are released by the carrier networks. If your device doesn’t receive updates, it will give you the error ‘cellular network not available’. This error can also be caused by a problem with your location or a feature in your wireless account.

Lastly, if nothing else seems to work, try resetting your network settings. This will clear out any custom settings and let you recreate your networks from scratch. To do this, launch Settings on your Android phone and go to System>Reset. In the System>Reset options, choose Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth settings. Select your SIM card and hit the “Reset” button. Once the settings are reset, restart your phone.

Calling your carrier fixes cellular network not available for voice calls

If you are experiencing the cellular network not available for voice calls issue on your mobile phone, you should first try to find out what’s causing the problem. It could be a system bug. It could also be a corrupt SIM card or an old battery. However, the good news is that this problem isn’t too difficult to fix. In fact, you can fix it yourself if you follow some simple steps.

First, try rebooting your phone. This will fix many problems, and restarting your phone may fix your problem as well. Another option is to install a newer version of your operating system. Some phones have a software update tab beneath the System tab. After installing the new OS version, reboot your phone to see if that works.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, try calling your carrier. You can also try switching off flight mode on your phone and changing the battery. Lastly, you can try factory resetting your phone. This will reset your phone’s network and should make your phone available for voice calls again.

Sometimes, the network might not be available for a specific area because the carrier is performing repairs. If this is the case, you’ll have to change locations to get a better signal. This isn’t always possible, but it’s worth a shot.

Sometimes the issue can go away on its own. If the problem persists, try rebooting your phone or moving to another area. This will clear the junk memory and bring the phone back to a healthy state. This will often fix the issue and allow you to make calls again.

Calling your carrier can be a last resort. In most cases, a reboot will fix the issue. This method is a classic solution to most software problems. Just make sure to switch your phone off and wait for a few seconds. This solution can solve most cellular network not available for voice calls.

If calling your carrier doesn’t solve the problem, you can try checking your carrier’s social media accounts. These companies often post updates on their social media accounts, so you can check to see whether your carrier is performing maintenance. You may also try manually searching your network to determine what the problem is.

Checking if your carrier is performing system maintenance fixes cellular network not available for voice calls

If you receive the message, “Your cellular network is not available”, you may want to check if your carrier is performing system maintenance. The issue is often caused by system bugs. You might also be experiencing a network drop due to a malfunctioning SIM card or battery issue. To resolve the issue, you can try restarting your phone or switching to airplane mode.

You can also try to change the network type by going into Settings, and pressing the small arrow on the right. Then, you can select the GSM Auto (PRL) network. This step may not be necessary for all phones, but it can resolve many problems. In addition, updating your operating system can fix many of these network problems. This process varies by device manufacturer, but is usually similar for most phones.

Sometimes the cause of this issue can be a temporary outage, or scheduled maintenance. Another possible reason is a damaged SIM card. If your SIM card is damaged, you can replace it to restore cellular network functionality. If this does not solve the problem, contact your carrier and ask about the status of the network.


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