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If you’re a tax preparer looking for a program that will reduce the amount of manual data entry, consider Creative Solutions’ UltraTax CS program. The software has many benefits and features, and it can integrate with other products. Here are some of the most important features to look for in this program.


Creative Solutions’ ultratax is one of the best tax preparation applications on the market. As an early adopter of 32-bit Windows technology, the company’s application blasted out of the DOS stone age in 1995 and is still one of the strongest products on the market today. The company is also a strong believer in embracing the power of the internet and is releasing an ASP version of its software in 2000. Jack LaRue, VP of marketing at Creative Solutions, said that the company’s current focus is on the continued integration of technologies into workflow.

UltraTax’s various modules all share a common interface, making it easy for users to switch between them easily. Each module offers a range of input views and client organizers. It features a QuickView Watch Window that provides a concise summary of key return data and a diagnostic worksheet. In addition, the user interface is user-friendly and offers various search and sort options to aid in finding specific client information.


Creative Solutions UltraTax CS provides robust built-in help and line-specific guidance for preparing and filing tax returns. The software also offers online support and reference sites, as well as teletraining options. The company also offers additional training courses at its annual user conference. You can access these training options on the UltraTax CS web site or through a live training class.

The CS version of the program is a robust tax software suite with easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Its total integration with other Creative Solutions products reduces redundant data entry by allowing seamless data transfer across all applications. Furthermore, it automatically transfers K-1 data between returns for spouses and partners. It can also easily handle multiple state allocations and K-1 distributions.

Another notable feature of the CS version is the ability to handle complex taxes. The software allows users to manage multiple clients at once, and includes an ‘apportionment grid’ for business income. It also supports e-filing, eliminating manual data entry processes and allowing users to accept clients from various states.

The system also integrates multiple vendor products. It uses the same database to minimize the risk of errors and simplify return preparation. This allows users to move quickly from source documents to worksheets. Furthermore, the system comes with a comprehensive diagnostic system. This means that they can quickly identify errors and correct them.

Integration with other products

Whether you are a small business owner or a CPA, UltraTax CS integration with other products can help you get the job done faster. UltraTax is built on the same primary framework as other applications from Creative Solutions and Thomson Reuters, and you can easily import information from spreadsheets. The firm also regularly conducts surveys and user focus groups to get valuable feedback on how to make the software work better for its users.

UltraTax is highly accurate when you have completed the tasks, but can be a mess when you are entering the data. It is also not compatible with other calendar applications, and can’t be used as a standalone application. It also doesn’t support 64-bit operating systems and cannot be used on tablets and smartphones. The company hasn’t stated if they plan to release a 64-bit version of the software in the future. Furthermore, data entry takes 35% longer with UltraTax than with its predecessor.

UltraTax offers a variety of features, including customizable client forms. In addition, it provides an integrated word processor with customizable client letters and invoices. It also has a database manager to find and track clients. It also supports multiple languages, including Spanish. For multilingual companies, this can be an invaluable tool.

User interface

UltraTax is one of the most popular tax software packages available today. It includes a database manager, a word processing system, and tax code assignment tools. The platform also integrates with Thomson Tax and Thomson Accounting products. It also has a feature to import spreadsheet information, which makes the process easier. The program also offers a wealth of tools for managing client relationships, including database search and client letters and invoices.

Innovative Solutions offers a variety of tax preparation software, including UltraTax CS. The entire suite is built on the same basic framework and shared database, which reduces redundant data admission. Furthermore, Creative Solutions offers integration across various applications, including practice management, fixed resources, and engagement. For example, UltraTax CS automatically transfers E-1 information to partner returns. It also provides diagnostic revealing tools.

The UI for UltraTax CS is the same across the entire suite. Each module offers an organized client list and several input views. It also offers a ‘QuickView Watch Window’ feature, which displays key return data. In addition, it provides a diagnostic worksheet and a sorted client list.

UltraTax CS provides a user-friendly interface that is especially useful for small accounting firms. The software’s organized structure and detailed breakdowns of taxpayer information make it a valuable tool for individual tax professionals and large companies alike. Thomson Reuters offers this solution as a cloud-based platform, which allows users to work remotely, freeing up in-house IT resources.

Creative Solutions UltraTax offers a number of training options, including classroom training and on-site training. There’s an interactive training program, and multiple training options are available at the company’s annual user conference. The company also provides excellent support. The support team is helpful and offers context-specific help.


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