How to Add Pictures to TikTok Videos



If you want to add pictures to your videos, you need to use a special app called CapCut. This app allows you to add pictures and videos to your videos and even add a sound track to them. It also lets you link your TikTok account to your CapCut video.


Whether you want to add pictures to your TikTok videos or create a short movie, you can do so with the free video editing app CapCut. The app offers a wide range of features including video editing, importing sounds, and cropping and trimming clips. You can also add stickers and filters. CapCut also allows you to track your progress and save projects on its servers.

Another useful feature of CapCut is its ability to split videos into several different pieces. This allows you to insert new clips and edit them accordingly. You can also resize videos to fit social media, such as TikTok. In addition, you can change the aspect ratio of your videos. A video with a 9:16 aspect ratio looks best on TikTok, so you should use this option if possible.

CapCut is also useful for adding texts. You can add a sound track to your videos or photos and edit the text as well. You can even change the duration of each picture. Normally, photos appear on the screen for 2.5 seconds, but you can customize this duration.

CapCut can also crop and rotate videos. You can rotate videos up to 900 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. It also offers various effects that enhance the quality of your videos. CapCut is available on iOS and Mac. CapCut also supports exporting videos in 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Another useful feature of CapCut is its ability to change the video speed. Users can set the speed in between 0.1x and three times. In addition to this, users can also adjust the speed of the video with a slider. However, it is important to remember that the horizontal position of the dots should not change.

CapCut also has a feature that allows you to overlay a picture or video. By doing so, you can create a Picture-in-Picture effect or a special title effect. You can also use this feature in combination with green screen effects.


Adding pictures to videos in TikTok is a popular way to spice up your content. By adding a greenscreen background or a picture, you can create more engaging videos. You can also add filters, music, and other effects. There are also several options for editing the photos, including changing the opacity and rotation.

Adding photos to your videos is a great way to get more views and followers. But not everyone is familiar with this option. Fortunately, there are several ways to add pictures to TikTok videos, including creating slideshows. This method is much easier than shooting a video and adding pictures later.

First of all, you should install the TikTok app. You can then create an account on the app. After logging in, you should tap the “+” button at the bottom of the screen to add pictures. You can also add different styles to your videos, like adding a slide show or film strips.

Once you have an account on TikTok, you can upload pictures using the app. Your pictures should be at least 20×20 pixels in size. You should also make sure you have the latest version of the app. If you want to add text to your pictures, you can select the font, color, background, and position.

The best way to add pictures to TikTok videos is to create a slideshow. This will allow your audience to see a series of photos one after another. Slideshows can contain up to 35 photos. You can even add music to it. Whether you want to convey a serious message or make the video entertaining, you can add pictures to make your video more engaging.

Another way to add pictures to TikTok videos is to use green screen effects. This will give your videos a background and make it look like they were shot in a new location. If you use green screen effects, however, you should check your internet connection before you share your videos to make sure they are compatible.

Before you upload your videos to TikTok, make sure that you grant the application permission to use certain functions. Adding pictures to TikTok videos can give you more creative freedom than ever. You can use them to add special effects to your videos, add text, and even add a music track. You can even add pictures from your gallery to create more innovative content.


If you’d like to make a slideshow for TikTok, you can use the free online video editing tool Kapwing. It comes with a host of tools, including a video editor, meme generator, GIF cropper, video downloader, screen recorder, and stop motion maker. It also includes a huge library of social media templates.

You can also resize videos with Kapwing for free. It will crop landscape videos into vertical format and fill them with a vertical background. It also supports common aspect ratios, including padding on four sides. In addition, you can add a custom background color and remove any unwanted video margins.

To create a clip from an image, simply click on the “Add Media” tab. You can then select a video clip and crop it. You can also add text, audio tracks, and other media to the clip. After you’ve done that, you can export the clip to TikTok.

The interface of Kapwing is intuitive, making it easy to use. You can easily add and edit clips by dragging and dropping them. The app also supports a media library, letting you reuse the same file for multiple projects. It also allows you to earn Kapwing credits by referring friends.

If you want to upload your pictures to TikTok, you can use the native upload function, but it can be difficult if you’re not used to using a native picture editor. If you’re not confident, you can use an online video editing program to create a slideshow for TikTok. You can also add text to your photos. You can select the font, color, and background, as well as the position of the text.

Green Screen

Green Screen is a great feature on TikTok that allows you to superimpose yourself onto an image. This feature allows users to identify themselves within the image and allows the user to choose where to place themselves. It works best against a solid-colored background. The process is similar to that of Instagram, and users can select a photo on their phone and set their posture before recording.

Once you’ve decided to use this feature, you’ll need to make sure your TikTok app is updated. There are many ways to do this. First, go to the “Hot” section of the app. Look for the “Green Screen” icon, which is often in the second or third row. Look for an icon with a green landscape and an arrow. You’ll find the icon if you’re using the Android app.

Secondly, you’ll want to choose a neutral background for your video. A bright color or a complicated wall design may interfere with the technology. If you’re filming yourself, wear simple, neutral clothing. You can even wear green to blend into your background. You can even impersonate someone else using green screen technology.

Once you’ve created a new video on the TikTok app, you’ll need to add an effect. To do this, you’ll need to tap the effects icon next to the record button. Then, click “Green Screen” to add your background. Using a green screen will give your videos a surreal effect. You can also add text and voiceover effects if you’d like.

Using the green screen feature on TikTok is a great way to make your videos more interesting and educational. It is easy to use, and you can use it to show your work behind yourself, or to talk about your process. This feature is also great for artists and musicians.

There are two types of green screen effects available on TikTok. One is for photos, and the other is for videos. In order to create a green screen video, you’ll need to open the TikTok app on your mobile device. Select “Effects” next to the red “Record” button and then select “Green Screen.” Then you can upload a photo or select a background from your library. If you’re unsure which type of green screen to use, experiment and see which one works best for your particular video.


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