How to Change the Background on a Picture


A common question that many people have is how to change the background on a picture. It’s not uncommon to have a picture that is the perfect composition, but the background details may detract from the atmosphere of the picture. Luckily, there are some methods you can use to make the background disappear.

InPixio’s AI removes your original image background automatically

InPixio’s AI helps you remove the background of your images in a simple and hassle-free way. Just highlight the subject and the background will be erased. Once you’ve done this, you can use the tool to further enhance the transparency of the image. It can work for simple to complex images, and it doesn’t cost anything.

InPixio is free from malware. It also offers a video presentation showing how to use the tool. However, you should know that there are a few cons that you should be aware of. The biggest is that you don’t have as much control as with other photo editing apps. The software also relies heavily on AI to perform real-time non-destructive adjustments. You can change the background of your images, remove unwanted objects, and add AR objects.

Another important feature of InPixio is that you can customize the workspace according to your preferences. You can also manually adjust the settings of your pictures. The editing tools in the software include Erase Objects, Replace Sky, Photo Merge, and Auto AI. The tool supports most RAW image formats and is easy to use. It also supports various effects and LUTs.

Another important feature of InPixio’s AI is that it allows you to select a suitable background for your images. This feature is important if you want to use the images for marketing purposes or just for fun. The tool is easy to use and uses AI to detect the background. It can also automatically create a background mask so that the main subject can be clearly identified.

Another feature of inPixio is the Sky Replacement tool, which has been added to the pro version of InPixio Photo Studio 11. This tool helps you remove the background of your photo and replace it with a new one. It can also be set to automatically adjust the replacement sky to match the dynamic range of your original image. The new background can even be blurred so that it looks as if it was created during the original capture.

Fotor’s AI-powered background changer

Fotor’s AI-powered background changer lets you change any photo’s background with just a few clicks. The app offers various HD photo backgrounds to choose from or you can upload your own. It also includes a wide range of photo editing tools that let you tweak the photos to match your style.

For instance, you can use the Castaway Shadows tool to remove shadows from images. This will improve the quality of your images and fine-tune the edges. You can also add watermarks, logo designs, and cartoon graphics to your images. You can also select from a range of background colors and blur effects.

While Fotor is a good choice for professional photographers, beginners can benefit from the free version of the app. It offers a number of photo editing tools, such as collage making, NFT creation, and background removal. However, it does not offer a free trial, but you can try it out and see if it’s right for you.

Another web-based tool that’s worth checking is inPixio. Its AI-powered selection algorithm works better than many other tools, but the results are not as clean as you’d like. It’s the second best background remover behind SocialBok. This program uses red and green markers to help you select areas and improve your pictures.

In addition to removing backgrounds, Fotor’s AI-powered background changer has other image editing tools, including resizing, cropping, and filters. It supports various file formats and supports online as well as download-and-install workflows. Its fast editing capabilities make it a good choice for those who need quick editing tools.

Movavi Photo Editor

If you’ve ever wanted to change the background on a picture, Movavi Photo Editor is a great tool to use. It is simple to use and includes all the features you need to change the background of your photo. You can add frames and images, change the background color, and even sharpen your pictures. The program also offers a variety of filters.

Movavi Photo Editor is a great way to change or remove the background of any picture. It is also great for creating product photos and funny collages. The program supports all major graphic formats, including RAW, and allows you to export to JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Movavi’s powerful image editor makes it easy to edit and save any image. The software supports PNG, GIF, and transparent backgrounds, and even includes a feature to remove a picture’s background entirely. You can also use the program’s clipping path to remove the background of any image.

Movavi Photo Editor is one of the best photo editors available for Mac. It allows you to edit pictures, create collages, and retouch portraits. It has a new and intuitive interface that helps you edit photos easily. You can even customize tools according to your preference. The program also has smart selection options that allow you to remove unwanted objects without removing them from the photo. You can also choose to crop, straighten, or flip the frame.

In Movavi Photo Editor, you can change the background on a picture by clicking on the background on the Edit tab. Initially, the background is transparent. Once you change the background, you can save the picture in either PNG or JPG format. You can then save it in your camera roll.


Picsart is an online photo editing service that lets you change the background of pictures. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect the background of an uploaded image and suggest replacements within seconds. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, including themed ideas, textured backgrounds, and patterns.

Picsart is very easy to use. It offers a user-friendly interface and a simple toolbar. It’s similar to apps like Canva and BeFunky. If you prefer a desktop experience, you can use Picsart on Mac or Windows. It should also work on Chrome OS and other browsers.

Picsart has an extensive and free library of stock photos. You can also use the app to make collages and remove backgrounds. The app also offers many filters and text emojis. Picsart also has an audio feature, so you can add music to your pictures.

Once you’ve installed Picsart on your device, you can begin the process of changing the background on your photo. To do this, open the Picsart photo library and click on the Background Changer tool. This tool is located in the toolbar above your picture. When you pass your cursor over the tool, it will remove part of the picture’s background. You can also change the size of the eraser and opacity.


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