How to Create a Survey Online


There are several basic steps to creating an online survey. First, you must have specific goals for your survey. For example, you may want to get a 100% response rate or get detailed responses from your respondents. You can also choose from pre-written question templates. Using pre-written question templates will help you design a survey that is simple and quick.

Organize the questions in a way that is intuitive

When creating a survey online, it is important to design it in a way that is easy to complete, and you can make it more engaging by making it a multi-step process. This will minimize the respondent’s fatigue, and will ensure that the questions are organized in a manner that is intuitive for the respondent. You should also break the survey into different pages or steps, so that the questions are broken up according to types and topics.

The questions should be easy to understand, and should not be long or confusing. You should use common language and words that your respondents use every day. You should also keep the list of answers short, so that your respondents can easily choose the most relevant one.

Avoid creating a survey that takes more than 20 minutes

If you’re trying to create a survey that will be completed in a single sitting, it’s crucial that you keep the questions short. The longer your survey is, the less likely your respondent will feel motivated to complete it. For example, if your survey has more than 20 questions, your respondent may start to get bored after an hour. That could lead them to skip some questions and pick random answers. In general, keep the length of your survey to 20 minutes or less.

Keeping the survey short and simple can increase respondent engagement and reduce fatigue. Keep the number of questions to a minimum, and make the survey conversational and easy to complete. Usually, consumers are happy to provide their feedback if it doesn’t take them more than a few minutes. Likewise, the more clearly defined your research objectives are, the more likely it is that your respondents will engage with the survey and provide you with valuable information.

Sending reminders to increase the response rate

One of the most effective ways to boost response rates in a survey online is to send reminders via email. This tactic is particularly effective if the first invitation to participate in the survey was not opened by the recipient. You should make sure to check the distribution history of each email address before sending a reminder. Ensure that the reminder is sent only to those that have not responded to the original survey invitation. Keep the content of each reminder short and simple. This way, your customers will be more likely to respond to the email and provide valuable feedback.

You can also send reminders via email to your participants once they complete the survey. However, the reminders should be short and should be sent within 48 to 72 hours of the original invitation. It is also crucial to send the email at a different time than when the original invitation was sent, as people tend to follow similar routines around their working week.

It is not clear how many reminders are sufficient to increase response rates, but multiple contact points are recommended. Sending multiple reminders via email costs practically nothing, but it may harden prospective respondents’ resistance to future requests for feedback. Paper letters might be a better alternative.

Survey respondents are more likely to respond to a survey that comes from a familiar person. For example, if a survey is being sent by an account manager or customer support manager, they are more likely to respond than those sent by an unknown person. This is because a familiar person will be more motivated to complete the survey.

Some researchers recommend sending postcards as follow-up reminders. However, this method is not cost-effective, as it requires more printing and mailing packages. However, it is still an effective method of improving response rates. The CDC suggests sending a reminder postcard a week or two after the original questionnaire has been sent.

If you are sending a survey too often, it may lead to survey fatigue. Moreover, customers can choose to unsubscribe from feedback requests. Therefore, you should avoid sending too many surveys.

Using pre-written question templates

Using pre-written question templates to create an online survey is an easy way to create a survey without the hassle of writing your own questions. However, you should keep in mind that using more than one question at a time will confuse your respondents. Instead, you should follow a logical order of questions and stick to a specific topic. The length of your survey should also be short and to the point, and it should be easy for respondents to understand.

Once you have created your survey, you should look at its live version and edit it if needed. To make changes, click the editing panel located on the left side of the screen. Here, you can add the title of your survey, choose from one of nine question types, and add questions. You can also choose to create a confirmation email for your participants and include a thank you message and special offers in the email.

Another benefit of using pre-written question templates to create an online survey is that you can combine them with your own questions. In addition, branching allows participants to see different questions depending on their answers, which is an effective method for extending the survey, skipping irrelevant question types, or ending it early.

When creating a survey, always consider your objective. You should choose one or two objectives for the survey, and then create questions around those goals. You should also consider which questions will best suit your survey form. For example, if your survey is designed to collect data about the state’s tourism industry, you should use questions that pertain to tourism. California, for example, is home to the tallest mountain in the United States, has a golden eagle on its state flag, and is the site of the famous gold rush.

The best way to create an online survey is by using a website that offers survey templates. There are free and paid versions available, and they allow you to have unlimited numbers of answers. The enterprise version also provides features such as sharing the survey with others, as well as reports on the performance of your survey.


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